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About us


Our story

Our story

We have a passion for changing the world and we work every day to make that happen. With the transition to renewable energy, new systems need to be developed that can cope with the pace that is needed. At this moment in history, old fashioned and obsolete technology is preventing us to move forward. Our energy exchange platform is at the epicentre of the transition, enabling hundreds of companies to develop new business cases in the energy space.

Our strengths

We combine a deep understanding of the energy markets with state of the art digital technology. Our team consists of more than 40 technology experts from 13 different nationalities working towards one goal. Be the fastest, most stable and smartest energy exchange in the world!

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Our history

Our future

We are optimists. We believe that the only way to change the world, is by rolling up our sleeves and make it happen. We are passionate about our work because we work with an extremely talented group of people and because we know that what we do matters. If you want to join our journey, contact us!

Our team

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Michiel Lensink


Michiel is an executive and entrepreneur with more than 25-years of experience building high-tech companies, including a number of Cleantech companies and a Fintech.

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Diederick Joosten


After his PhD in Systems and Control Diederick has gained valuable experience as CFO of several companies and has worked as investment director of a Private Equity fund.

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Jorrit Nijholt


Jorrit has a passion for complex systems and is responsible for product and technology at Etpa. He has been working in the energy sector since finishing his masters in Applied physics.



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