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Intraday trading

Built with you in mind

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Access to all

The intraday market is a crucial component of the energy industry. It enables participants to trade electricity in nearly real-time, allowing them to balance supply and demand and respond quickly to fluctuations in renewable energy generation.

This flexibility is increasingly important in the transition towards a cleaner energy system, where renewable energy sources can be intermittent and hard to predict. 

Etpa's intraday platform is designed to provide fast, affordable and reliable access to this market for companies of all sizes, further incentivizing the transition towards clean energy.

A borderless solution

Etpa's platform is based on the European Cross-Border Intraday (XBID) solution, which enables the continuous trading of electricity across several countries in Europe.

This means that market participants have access to a larger pool of energy supply and demand, reducing the need for balancing energy and improving the integration of renewable energy sources.

The benefits of XBID include increased liquidity, price convergence, and market efficiency, providing an overall more robust and secure energy market.

Simple and easy to use
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Something Powerful

Etpa's platform brings unparalleled processing speeds, improved ease of access, and lower cash requirements for settlements, enabling companies of all sizes to easily access energy trading revenues with a guaranteed fair market price.

Etpa's customer base ranges from big international energy utilities like Vattenfall and Eneco to smaller energy traders like greenhouse owners and energy storage facilities, offering a fast, affordable, and reliable exchange that allows participants to exploit the flexibility inherent in the new renewables-focused energy system.


Etpa is the third trading platform to offer Intraday trading on the XBID common order book.


As one of the founding fathers of GOPACS, Etpa's platform offers its clients the opportunity to trade on congestion management


Etpa's Ex-Post market offers trading after the delivery of contracts from the moment of physical delivery until the next trading day.