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BritNed is back

Exciting news! BritNed is making a comeback on GOPACS as a provider of flexible capacity for redispatch bids. Don't miss out on seizing this opportunity! 
Launched in 2019, GOPACS is a platform developed by Etpa and collectively owned by the Dutch grid operators. GOPACS utilizes a market-based redispatch mechanism to prevent congestion on the Dutch grid across all voltage levels. 
The reintroduction of BritNed promises to enhance the available flexible capacity on GOPACS. The increased liquidity will empower grid operators with greater flexibility in implementing congestion management strategies while fostering the energy transition. 
If you're not currently a Congestion Service Provider (CSP) but are interested in offering Congestion Management services, click the following link to learn more about TenneTs CSP Acknowledgement procedure.
It's worth noting that Proprietary Traders can also provide these services through BritNed. 
Help the grid and grow your revenue stream providing Supply/Demand Response on the GOPACS platform. Check out our GOPACS white paper to learn more.