EnAppSys and ETPA have joint forces to increase liquidity on the “ex-post” trading market and have built a completely new data-integration into ETPA. This integration loads the predicted TenneT Ex-Post settlement prices from EnAppSys into your trading screen next to your Ex-post trading tab.

This Live imbalance price calculation (instead of D+1 9:00 on working days only) calculates imbalance prices in real-time based on TenneT data, and has a regulation-state accuracy of 98%*, and is especially interesting in case of dual pricing as you will be able to settle your imbalances with other market parties directly after they have happened. This will effectively reduce your total imbalance costs.

EnAppSys is offering this data feed for free for 2 months. After these 2 months you will be given the option to sign up for this ex-post data feed, otherwise it will be switched off automatically again.

Example of how you are able to configure your orderbook layout with this new add-in:

This exciting corporation with EnAppSys is the first step making more integrations into our platform possible. In the future it will possible to add/purchase apps and integrate them in your ETPA trading screen, to get all the information you want in one screen. Just like your smartphone with the App-store which can be fully customized to your needs.

We hope you will make great use of this new data feed and are satisfied with the results.

For more info please contact:
info@etpa.nl or info@enappsys.com

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*Based on data from 2018, no guarantee for the future.