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Etpa and e*star announce partnership

Feb 27, 2024 3:11:58 PM

[Karlsruhe, Amsterdam], [28/02/2024] - E-Star Trading GmbH (e*star), and Etpa are pleased to announce a strategic partnership.

The collaboration between e*star and Etpa marks a significant milestone in the energy industry, bringing together the strengths of two industry leaders to develop innovative solutions for the challenges of the ever-evolving trading landscape.

E*star has established itself as a renowned and experienced provider in energy trading platform development, while Etpa, a power exchange, has introduced significant innovation to power markets with its highly innovative products, and It is now extending its presence to more countries in Europe.

The partnership will capitalize on the companies’ expertise to offer easy, fast, and cost-effective access to power trading for proprietary traders, industries, retailers, and aggregators, regardless of their size.

This collaboration aims to enhance the trading experience further by integrating the platforms of e*star and Etpa. Through a single, simple, and rapid API implementation, market participants will gain access to e*star and Etpa's advanced IT infrastructures, and the European Shared Order Book, providing access to all available liquidity.

"We are excited about this collaboration with Etpa, which will allow us to strengthen our position as an independent service provider and collaboratively shape the future of energy trading," said PhD Andreas Kamper, CEO of e*star. "With Etpa, we are connecting one of the most stable and smartest energy exchanges in the world and adding a very valuable partner to our portfolio of venues. For our customers, this means an even better choice when setting up their trading landscape!

Etpa is also looking forward to the collaboration. "The partnership with e*star is of great significance to us. We are confident that our joint efforts will contribute to transforming the trading sector and paving the way for higher competitiveness and effective markets," said Michiel Lensink, CEO of Etpa.

This collaboration will not only enhance the competitiveness of both companies but also have a positive impact on the entire industry. We are eager to witness the joint successes and the innovative energy that this collaboration will unleash.


For further information and inquiries, please contact:

[Sebastian Meyer, Managing Partner E-Star Trading GmbH,]
[Michiel Lensink, CEO Etpa B.V., ]


About E-Star Trading GmbH:

E-Star Trading GmbH is a leading software company in the energy trading sector, specializing in SaaS business. With a clear focus on commodity markets and trading venues, e*star aims to enable companies to trade directly with all market participants and increases reach and liquidity. Its core product, the e*star Energy Trader, is a multi-market trading application focusing on energy commodities such as power, gas, coal, oil and emission allowances and consolidates various native front-ends into a uniform trading application, expanding it with cross-market and automated trading functions.

About Etpa:

ETPA B.V. offers an accessible trading platform that enables asset owners, traders, and retailers to optimize their portfolios through short-term trading. ETPA provides access to congestion management, ex-post trading, and the European Shared Order Book for Intraday trading.

Participants span from international utilities to smaller players such as greenhouse owners and battery storage facilities. Its fast, affordable, and reliable platform enables participants to provide and exploit system flexibility, which is fundamental to a power system capable of accommodating a high share of renewables. This, in turn, reduces price volatility and enhances the risk profile for investors and consumers alike.