In the second half-year of 2020, our participants have traded 16,528 MWh on Ex-post (An increase of 13.39% compared to period Q1 & Q2 2020). In total 5140 ex-post trades (An increase of 33.16% compared to Q1 & Q2 2020) have been traded.

The participants have done 5140 trades and they have saved in total €986,000 on their imbalance costs. Which is equivalent to an average of 59 €/MWh imbalance.

We still got 5732 (sum of Buy & Sell orders) orders worth 47312.8 MWh of Ex-post orders open for trading (An increase of 90% compared to Q1 and Q2 of 2020). On 87.55% of the regulation state 2 PTE’s, published by TenneT, we had orders quoted. If we look at the price disagreements at expiration (D+1 9:30) where a price difference between the highest buy and lowest sell order was less than 1 euro, a possible 2442 MWh could have been traded more if an agreement was reached.

So the opportunities for the market to save more on the imbalance costs are still there and can be leveraged.


Graph depicting mwh traded of this period

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