At the end of September ETPA succesfully completed testing the EDI-message for Single Sided Transactions (SST)  with TenneT and has performed its first SST in the beginning of October.
This is an important step in realizing a liquid intraday electricity market. This simplification and the unburdening of Trade Participants will provide a further impulse to trading in intraday products in the electricity market.

ETPA now uses SST nomination for intraday trades, next to the day ahead nomination (E-programme). This simplifies the nomination process as trading participants will no longer need to nominate intraday themselves. ETPA will nominate the SST in name of the Balance Responsible Party of the trading participant.
As of October 1st, ETPA officially has the power of attorney to perform SST for a number of balance responsible parties. This enables us to single-handedly execute trades, with pre-trade authorization of the balance responsible parties, to the TSO. For more information on SST, please contact