2021 was again a successful IDCONs trading year!

The GOPACS platform, which consists of the Dutch TSO and all Dutch DSOs, has used our IDCONs product to do redispatches in their grids to manage congestion. Our market participants have traded a total of 288.000 MWh (more than doubling the volume of 2020) and have thereby helped solve congestion in the Dutch grids.

This year the volume of the DSOs significantly increased to almost 300 MWh. This helped to alleviate local DSO congestion. This type congestion is therefore interesting for smaller participants which are located on lower voltage levels inside the grid.

As ETPA we are very happy that we enable the GOPACS platform and market participants to use our IDCONs solution. Innovations like these drives the energy transition, it helps to unlocks more flexibility and bring parties together.

At the end of last year, the GOPACS-development team fully took over the last parts of the GOPACS platform. We congratulate them with this last successful step and we look forward to a collaborative future solving congestion problems and other innovations that drive our future electricity system.

If you want to help TSO and DSO to solve for congestion problems in 2022, please contact us at info@etpa.nl


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