Participants can now also ‘trade Ex-post’ through ETPA. Although the possibility of settling Ex-post has already been possible in the Netherlands for a couple of years, ETPA is now offering the possibility to settle on Ex-post prices through an independent open orderbook.
What is Ex-post? Through Ex-post participants kan agree on a price after the start of delivery of power. When would you do this? Ex-post settlement becomes interesting in case of Regulation state 2.
Why? Because there are moments that TenneT TSO has to off-take and put on power to the grid in the same quarter. Parties that deviate from their nomination have to a settlement cost nevertheless.
Ex-post gives participants the opportunity to agree on a mutually beneficial price than the imbalance price. If you are interested in the product, or wish to receive more information (preliminary cost-benefit analysis based on historical data), please contact