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Onboarding Documents and Information

Welcome to our dedicated onboarding page. We are delighted that you have chosen to commence your trading journey with us. Here, you will discover the essential documents required to ensure a seamless onboarding on our cutting-edge trading platform.

Onboarding Documents

All the documents on this page are necessary for Etpas onboarding procedure. In certain instances, additional documentation may be required. Please start with filling out the Etpa Application Form to see if this is applicable for your company.
You can also use our onboarding checklist during this process. This document can be found here.

1. Etpa Application Form

With this online form you can select the services from Etpa you want to make use of and specify your relevant contacts and roles.

2. Etpa Participant Agreement

This is the contract between Etpa and the participant. Etpa needs a filled out and signed copy of this agreement.

3. Etpa Remit Reporting Agreement

This is the contract for the RRM service Etpa provides, to be compliant with the Acer guidelines. Etpa needs a filled in and signed copy of this agreement.

4. Etpa UBO Form

Please provide the Ultimate Beneficial Owners of the participant on this form.