ETPA acquires European trading license and growth capital from SET Ventures and ABN AMRO

Amsterdam, July 12th – Energy Trading Platform Amsterdam B.V. (ETPA) announced that it has been awarded a license to operate as a pan-European intraday energy exchange. By making energy trading faster and cheaper, ETPA’s intraday trading platform contributes to a flexible energy system that can absorb more energy from renewable sources.

With the license, the company can expand its reach and offer services to energy traders across Europe. To support its international growth ambitions, ETPA raised EUR 5 million in growth financing from energy transition expert SET Ventures and sustainable finance leader ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund.

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ETPA is a trade platform for short term electricity trades, with a focus on the trade participant’s capacity.

Participants can optimize their energy portfolio through short-term trades. ETPA enables these participants to exploit the flexibility in their production processes. These participants vary from horticulture to waste disposal,  aluminum smelters to energy companies.  By creating a level playing field, ETPA can facilitate a fair market price for all participants.

ETPA facilitates participants with the means to trade for themselves or through a third party on an accessible platform. The products ETPA services are intraday, day ahead, week and weekend contracts.

Trading on the ETPA trade platform creates certainty within the company on vital conditions such as the agreed upon price, period and delivery.

Energy Trading Platform Amsterdam, ETPA is


ETPA operates as an independent trade platform. By being independent of all market participants, are we able to create a level playing field for all participants, large or small.


Through competitive pricing and an innovative solution to collateral, ETPA makes it possible for a company with a minimum of 0.5 MW to benefit from the flexibility in their energy capacity.


ETPA’s prices are online, generic and consist of an entry fee, license fee and transaction fees. Cash is held with a licensed payment service provider, is on demand and is segregated from ETPA.


ETPA offers an automated continuous order book to a great variety of market participants. In doing so ETPA is able to offer liquidity to the short term electricity market aimed at physical delivery.

For who ETPA is,


ETPA’s intraday market facilitates trading on a quarterly bases. In addition ETPA offers produces the opportunity to increase their distribution network and to offer new services to their clients.


An ETPA participant with a fixed contract can optimize their short term energy portfolio on a weekly and daily basis. The intraday market also enables the participant to benefit from the flexibility in their production process.

Flex supplier

ETPA offers aggregators, collectives and smart grid solutions a market where they can bring their orders. ETPA offers the advantage access to a low cost platform that can trade 15 minute blocks with a high level of automation.

Connecting to ETPA

Do you want to connect to us via your own trading and/or position software system or do you have a third party software which you want to connect to us?
We have an API, which makes it easy to connect. We also have partnerships with ISV (independent software vendors) which facilitate the ETPA connection in theirs software out of the box.

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About ETPA

ETPA aims to be an energy trade platform that is accessible for all. In order to achieve this, the ETPA team has introduced solutions from the energy market and the financial market. These solutions result in a solid foundation for the future of the energy transition.

Pol van der Linde


Pol van der Linde has a background in energy trading and worked as an option market maker with All Options. Pol understands the energy market and is responsible for product development and the commercial side of ETPA. Pol has a masters in Economics from the University of Amsterdam.

Pieter Kraaijeveld

Supervisory Board

Ben Voorhorst

Supervisory Board


If you have any questions or if you would like to come in contact with ETPA, contact us via +31 (020) 2614605 or info @ etpa.nl.

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