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The Future of Energy Trading

Working towards a cleaner world

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Driving the energy transition

Welcome to Etpa, the energy trading platform designed to support the transition to a more sustainable future. With the increasing demand for renewable energy and the growing emphasis on reducing carbon emissions, Etpa offers an independent and transparent trade platform for short-term electricity trades. 

The most advanced platform

Our platform is designed to enable trade participants to optimize their energy portfolio and exploit the flexibility in their production processes. We offer a range of products, including intraday, ex-post and congestion management.

At Etpa, we believe in creating a level playing field for all participants, large or small. Our platform is accessible to companies with a minimum of 0.1 MW, and we offer competitive pricing and innovative solutions. With our automated continuous order book and intraday market, we provide liquidity to the short-term electricity market.

As a producer, user, flex supplier or trader, Etpa offers you the opportunity to increase your distribution network, offer new services to your clients, and benefit from the flexibility in your energy capacity. Join us on Etpa and be a part of the future of the energy transition.


Wind trubine

Built with you in mind

Lightning fast

Trade smarter, faster, and more efficiently with our industry-leading energy trading platform

Easy to use

With our innovative settlement system, trade with ease and low entry costs, all without the need for a clearing bank. Simplify your trading today

Quick setup

Our cutting-edge APIs and streamlined setup process make it easy to get started. Let us help you get up and running in just three days