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Congestion management

Built with you in mind

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Gopacs is a platform that offers innovative solutions to manage congestion and optimize energy consumption in the Netherlands. It is a vital tool in managing the country's energy supply and demand, ensuring that energy is available to consumers when they need it.

Gopacs offers real-time energy trading solutions that allow market participants to buy and sell energy based on current market conditions. This helps to reduce congestion on the grid, lower energy costs, and improve the overall efficiency of the energy system.

The platform is a key player in the Dutch energy market and is essential for maintaining a reliable and sustainable energy supply.

Leading platform on congestion

ETPA is the leading trading platform for Gopacs in the Netherlands. Our platform is trusted by the biggest players in the industry, and we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled levels of reliability, security, and customer support.

If you are looking to trade in congestion allowances, we are here to help you every step of the way. Join our platform today and take advantage of the opportunities that GOPACS has to offer.

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Etpa is the third trading platform to offer Intraday trading on the XBID common order book.


As one of the founding fathers of GOPACS, Etpa's platform offers its clients the opportunity to trade on congestion management


Etpa's Ex-Post market offers trading after the delivery of contracts from the moment of physical delivery until the next trading day.