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White Papers


In the ever-evolving landscape of power markets, Etpa emerges as a pioneer, introducing GOPACS. An innovative platform that is reshaping the dynamics of capacity trading. Developed by Etpa and collectively owned by the Dutch TSO and all DSOs, GOPACS is revolutionizing the way participants optimize their assets and contribute to building a greener grid.

The Ex-Post Market

Etpa's platform stands out as the Netherlands' leading marketplace for Ex-post trading, recognized for its liquidity and persistent growth. With a remarkable 111% Compound Annual Growth Rate in volume growth from 2020 to 2023, Etpa enhances trading opportunities and bolsters overall market efficiency. In 2022 alone, market participants have collectively saved over 30 million euros through Ex-post trading on Etpa's platform, underscoring its significance in the Dutch power market landscape. 

Etpa's Power Wallet and Collateral-Free Trading

In the dynamic space of power trading, Etpa’s Power Wallet represents a revolutionary solution for enhancing a trader’s liquidity, and reducing costs, while minimizing counterparty risks and facilitating swift and transparent settlements between market participants.

The Shared Order Book

As the energy landscape evolves, market participants seek better opportunities to navigate complex market dynamics. This white paper explores how liquidity pooling enhances market efficiency, transparency, and accessibility for market participants, ultimately benefiting consumers in the energy sector. By examining the interplay between market competition, liquidity pooling, and consumer benefits, we emphasize the importance of optimizing market mechanisms for a sustainable and resilient energy future.